Store Editor / Catalog Manager Variables

In the Yahoo! store editor, click "variables".  You will find a variable called "promo-variables". In this, you will see a list of 5 variables that may be used by the Promo Manager. By default, when we installed the Promo Manager, we added 5 custom variables called:


These 5 variables correspond with the 5 custom variables used throughout the Promo Manager Control Panel for identifying items or groups of items.

On each of your item pages, we added these 5 variables.  They may be used for creating groups or pools of items. For example, in "promo-var-1", you can enter the word "shirt" in all of shirts in your store.  Then when setting up a promotion, you can identify all shirts by stating that custom-variable-1 must equal "shirt".

Order Manager Set-up

Stone Edge or other Order Managers that rely on the Yahoo! Order Format:

The following must be done for your discounts to appear properly: 

1) In your order manager, create the following item: 


Price: -1 

Ignore QOH: Yes 

Location: ZZZZZ* 

*Only include this if you are using’s wireless barcode fulfillment system to accompany Stone Edge.  

2) Change your Real-Time Link: In the following link, after the “post_to=” enter your order manager’s URL (The URL that should be entered here is currently your real-time order link. So copy paste your real-time order link after the “post_to=” and the entire link will now be your real-time link.)  post_to=  

3) Change the order format to XML. Your orders will still post in Yahoo’s format, this is for our order processing purposes.  

Order Motion or other Order Mangers that rely on XML Format: You only need to do the following if your order manager is not able to process discounts. Please follow steps 1 and 2 from above, using the following link for step 2:

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