Promo Manager - Shipping & Tax Control Panel

If you are using our Advanced Shipping Manager, you may ignore this section as it does not apply to you.

As an added value to the Promo Manager, you will also control your Yahoo Store’s shipping via our system.  Our system will allow you all the features and benefits of the Yahoo Store Shipping Manager, and will also give you the following added features: 

  • Overweight packages will automatically be divided into multiple shipments and added together, avoiding a $0 shipping rate.
  • Option to use your UPS discounted rate instead standard UPS rates.
  • Markup/Markdown of shipping for an order. Markups/Markdowns can also be based on the State or Zip code that your customer is located in. Markups may be given in based on a percentage of shipping rate, or a dollar amount.
  • Ability to add FedEx and/or USPS real time rates for an additional monthly fee.

 Using The Promo Manager’s Shipping SystemIf you are using KingWebmaster’s Advanced Shipping Manager, then please disregard this section, and use the documentation that you received when you signed up.

For convenience, we designed the Promo Manager’s shipping system to work in a very similar fashion as the built in Yahoo Store shipping manager. We also added a few enhancements to it that should make things easier, as shown above.

You should have a received a login URL, username, and password for the Promo Manager’s shipping and tax system. When you log in, you will see  the following 5 sections in the top navigation menu: 

  • General
  • Shipping Methods
  • Shipping Rates
  • Shipping Markups
  • Tax Rates

General:In this section, you will see the following 3 links:

  1. Edit company’s settings.
  2. Edit UPS settings.
  3. Edit/View real-time methods’ names & numbers.

 For 1 and 2, these are one time use settings.  They allow you to set your UPS account number, company details, etc. You should enter the appropriate responses next to each prompt. Under normal circumstances, you will not have to go into these sections other than during the initial setup.

 For number 3, “Edit/View real-time methods’ names & numbers”:  In this section, you should set the names of the UPS Real-Time shipping methods.  Once you set these to the exact name/wording that you desire, you should also go to your Yahoo Store Manager, and click on the “shipping manager” link, and then go to “shipping methods,” and make sure that the methods that you wish to offer in your store match exactly, letter for letter, with shipping methods in the Promo Manager’s shipping system.

When you are done, please publish your order settings.

Shipping MethodsThis section allows you to set your custom shipping methods. A “custom shipping method” is a shipping method that is NOT connected in real-time with UPS. For example, if you use table-based shipping rates, then you would use this section.

To create a new method(s), enter the number of new methods that you would like to create, and then click “Add.”  Name each new method as you would like it to appear in your store.

When you are done, go to the Yahoo Store Manager, click on “Shipping Manager,” then “Shipping Methods,” and create the EXACT same shipping method.  The name(s) of the method(s) MUST match letter for letter including any spaces and punctuation. To ensure accuracy, copy/paste the shipping method’s name, instead of re-typing.

When you are done, please publish your order settings.

Shipping RatesThis section will work almost identically to your Yahoo Store’s shipping rates.

You should set up the rates by entering/selecting the appropriate response next to each prompt. The prompts are self-explanatory, and work in the same way as in the Yahoo Store shipping rates.  If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Shipping MarkupsOne of the advantages of using the Promo Manager’s shipping system is that you will have the ability to markup/markdown shipping rates.  You can do this either by a dollar amount, percentage, or combination of both.
Furthermore, you can specify that the markup/markdown only be given in specific states or zip codes. 
To create a markup/markdown, click “Add a new shipping markup” button.
Select the shipping method which you would like to markup/markdown. Enter the dollar amount and/or percentage markup/markdown that you would like to use.  For markdowns, enter a minus  sign (-) before the dollar amount or percentage.
Select the state or enter the zip code if you would like the markup/markdown to apply only to a specific shipping destination.  Do not select any state or enter a zip code if you would like it to apply to all destinations.

Tax RatesThe Yahoo Store system requires that shipping and tax be calculated at the same time, therefore, the Promo Manager will also control your tax rates.  The tax rates section is very easy to use.  Simple enter the tax rate in the “Tax (%)” column for the state(s) in which you are required to charge sales tax.  If you are also required to charge tax on the shipping charges, then check the box in the “Tax Shipping” column.
In some cases, you may be required to charge a flat rate for tax.  If needed, enter the dollar amount in the “Tax (flat)” column for the appropriate states.

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